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Fortnite Save The World

The Fortnite Save The World mode will not be free this year, as was planned by Epic.

Since the beginning of its development in 2017, Fortnite Save The World is only available for those who buy a pack founder, from 40 € approximately. It was expected to become free this year, according to Epic announcements.

Fortnite Save The World will not be free in 2018

However, in its latest article on the state of development, Epic explained that it would delay the move from paid advance access to the Free-To-Play version. The Studio explains that it wants to add “a wide range of features, make alterations and change the central operation. Which according to him, is necessary to move to a Free-To-Play version.” Website

“Fortnite Save The World has grown steadily since our launch in July 2017. Similarly, Fortnite (fortnite hack) as a whole has experienced unprecedented growth,” said the developer. ” Increasing the number of players that will participate in combat is essential to providing a good experience. This applies to all our players, old and new, so we take the time to do things right.”

Fortnite Save The World: Gifts for the founders

Epic also revealed that, to ” thank our founders, old and new,” he would give Hallowe’en heroes Skull Ranger Ramirez and Brainiac Jonesy to all who would connect to Save the World at the upcoming Fortnite Mares event. Epic has not yet announced the start of its phantasmagorical festivities. But, judging by his recent tweets, things should start soon.

Fortnite Save The World on sale at 50%

Plus, if you want to enjoy Save the World while having paid advance access, you’ll receive a 50% discount on Standard, Deluxe, Super Deluxe and Limited Founder packs from this week. And if you hesitate, you can read our article on  Fortnite save The world is worth it? Fortnite Save The World is not available on Switch and Mobile. Fortnite cheats are the target of Android apps that promise V-Bucks, hack, cheats, cheats or bug exploitation. However at the origin of these programs, we often find dishonest developers. Applications whose sole purpose is to abuse their users. So to come to an end and get the installation, the developers are ready for anything to fool the players of the very popular Fortnite.

And in these app found most often malware, trojan horses and other reprehensible programs. That’s why to attract the cheats of Fortnite (fortnite hack), these apps fool their customers with tantalizing rewards.

Of course, the great classics of cheating are on offer. The aimbot is very popular, but never functional. But also hacks to see through the walls, tips, hidden secrets, all you need to try the cheater in the players of Fortnite!

Fortnite: Apps that offer hacks, aimbots and more

First, a report from Malwarebyte Labs looked at Android apps that were supposed to bring benefits, tips, hacks or aimbots. Some applications then distribute surveys that are actually phishing schemes.

At least one YouTube video has resulted in a return to an EXE file for download. The latter sends data to a server in Russia. A priori the exe concerned steals information from the browser, the Steam session, cookies and Bitcoin wallets.

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