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How Does Search Engine Optimization Work?

Search engine optimization are all measures that make a website appear higher in the organic search results of a search engine. Search engine optimization translates as Search Engine Optimization and is therefore often abbreviated as SEO based on the English version. Search engine optimization is a technical term for the entirety of all measures that aim at websites in the organic search results pages of search engines, such as Google, rank higher and are therefore often visited by users. The website is designed as part of the search engine optimization so that search engines can read and analyze them optimally so that the website appears in the best case among the first ten search results. Searching the search engines of the World Wide Web is called crawling.

The approach to SEO optimization

The process of search engine optimization can be divided into three parts. First of all, the website operator should do a keyword analysis to find out which keywords are not yet optimally ranked. Then they can be optimized for search engines. There are two types of optimization: OnPage and OffPage .

Onpage optimization is about integrating the selected keywords on your own website into, for example, page title, page caption , content, and picture names. Offpage optimization is optimization that does not take place on the website . This is through linkbuilding. So, by placing backlinks on other websites, search engine optimization is operated.

What do search engines stand for SEO?

Search engine optimization is not favored by search engine operators like Google or Yahoo because it manipulates search engine results. The corresponding algorithms of relevance determination are therefore also kept secret by search engines and are frequently modified. Exaggerated with search engine optimization, for example in the form of black-hat SEO , this can lead to your own page being removed from the indices of the various search engines and therefore not being easily searchable. The factors that positively or negatively impact a website’s ranking change over time and become more complex.


A dating portal optimizes for keywords like “find a partner” or “dating” by dropping these terms on their page frequently and collecting links to those terms.

Cheap SEO works as a process in collaboration with all parties involved in the website. Goals are defined and search terms are searched for and the potential analyzed. Then the actual state of visibility and possible measures can be determined. After implementing measures (for example, publishing new content), the SEO process starts all over again.

  • Define expectations and goals
  • Keyword research
  • Set up the project in a visibility analysis tool.
  • Discuss possible SEO measures
  • Carry out SEO measures
  • Check the effects of the measures

So that it does not come to misunderstandings, you should definitely start by discussing what expectations you have and what goals you pursue with search engine optimization.

Possible SEO goals

  • We would like to be present in search engines with our target audience.
  • We want to be found longer term with search queries like “how does SEO work”.
  • We are planning a website transition and want to improve our visibility and not lose it.
  • We would like to be found better with our product or Cheap SEO services.
  • We want to be present to our customers with solutions to their problems

Recognize professional SEO agenda

When defining expectations and goals, you already have the opportunity to differentiate professional from unprofessional agencies and freelancers.

If, for example, an affordable Seo Agency promises that they appear supreme in the search results, this is most likely not professional. There is no guarantee for that.

In some conversations with other SEO experts and agencies, it has turned out that no professional affordable Seo Agency known to me operates cold acquisition by telephone. The main acquisition of new customers in the case of professional agencies or freelancers is largely done by recommending existing customers or by holding training courses or seminars for self-help in the field of SEO.

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