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Open New Account in Pacific เเทงหวยออนไลน์ New Mac Room and Get Instant Bonus

The new mac room started by Pacific Poker is giving $100 bonus to players. All new players, upon registration and account opening are entitled to this bonus, at เเทงหวยออนไลน์ new mac room. Players are thrilled with this offering from Mac-PacificPoker.com. According to some, Pacific is the only online poker room to give this kind of a bonus. Experts predict that a bonus such as this one will serve to attract a large number of players. More players are sure to sign in now specially since the mac poker software has been released. In the absence of this software players were finding it difficult as they were having to buy expensive software. Time to rejoice, for all mac computer users who are avid poker players! Press.arrivenet.com reports:

Without the advent of these non-download mac poker rooms players said they would have to buy Virtual PC software to play at any online poker room with a mac computer. This Virtual PC software is still very expensive mac users say.

Solitary Games Preferred When Gambling Online: Survey by Play-video-poker-slots.com

The most popular online gambling games are Video poker and slots. This was the result of a study done by play-video-poker-slots.com. The findings of the survey are in agreement with earlier theories in the online gambling industry. It is believed that players choose solitary games when playing online. They choose to play these games instead of other shared games such as craps and roulette. Even those players who prefer craps and roulette in casinos on land, prefer to play stand-alone games when online. Online versions of slots and video poker are highly sophisticated. Sleek and sophisticated game designs and attractive graphics further attract the online gambler to play these games. Onlinecasinonews.com reports:

Play-video-poker-slots.com says the high sophistication of online One versions of slots and video poker, along with massive progressive jackpots offered by slots are two reasons behind the popularity of these games. The survey also finds that gamblers who prefer craps and roulette when gambling in land based casinos still preferred to play solitary games when playing online.

Pai Gow – A Popular New Variation of Poker

A variation of poker that has become popular in recent times is called Pai Gow. It is being played at almost every good online casino. Pai Gow is a combination of Poker and an ancient Chinese card game. The object of the game of Pai Gow is to make two poker hands that beat the banker’s two hands. This game is not too complex and can be easily learnt by newcomers. Slight variations occur in the mode of play. Players wanting to try a hand at Pai Gow must test their skills in the free mode at online casinos. Hands may take some time to play because the dealer needs to shuffle for each game. Onlinecasinoreports.com reports:

In order to play Pai Gow a the online casino follow these basic instructions: The player is dealt 7 cards at the online casino. Of the original 7 cards, five cards make the high hand and a two card make up the low hand.

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