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Atlantic City discards automated Togel Singapore Poker games



It seems like the market’s response to Atlantic City’s huge fore-front experiment was a very negative one. This involved cutting out dealers & chips, and then replacing them with automated poker games.


The Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino has had to remove their 14 automated poker tables after experimenting them out for the past few months. The process was that the electronic games would automatically shuffle and deal video-type cards. These cards would appear on a large display screen at the centre of the table. Every player at the table had a smaller-sized display screen equipped with the sensor controls to place further bets, to call or to fold.


The aim of these automated tables was to attract the younger generation of gamblers out there but this didn’t quite succeed. For example, poker player Ira Cohen from Brooklyn New York, says he much prefers a live environment with real dealers and the human friendly atmosphere they generate. Meanwhile the casino union clubs held the fear that the automated table games could have increased dealer layoffs.


PSF Money-Added Tournaments Being Held ALL This Week!


The holiday season is finally upon us here at the Guru’s home, and despite it not being Christmas just yet we’ve still found a way to give back to our loyal readers and visitors regardless.


Our partner site over at Poker Togel Singapore Strategy Forums will be holding FOUR special tournaments all this weekend at none other than the biggest and most popular site in the world – POKERSTARS!  These private tournaments will not just be a fun time for new and existing players to get together and play some cards, but each of them will have $100 added to EACH of the prizepools.




The good people at P.S.F. are starting the festivities on Thursday, December 4th, 2008, with a No Limit Holdem tournament + $100 Added! The buy-in for this tourney is only $5 and will start at 18:00 Eastern Time (6 pm EST, 3 pm PST).  It’s perfect for players wanting to play a little cards after work or for the early morning risers over in Europe and abroad who want to do the same.


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