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Comparison of website hosting and website builder



Semantics play an important role in defining web  managed dedicated server hosting and website builders when comparing them. These are the points you can use to compare these products.


A web hosting service allows individuals or companies to rent space on a server that will house all data for their website. You can choose from many forms of web hosting and it is often chosen according to your budget and needs.


Website builders cannot host more than one site or act as servers for any other website than the one they are building. It is not intended to be a web hosting platform. Instead, it serves as both a storage area and a construction ground for your website. It’s important to remember that “website builder hosting” is misleading. What is being hosted is the Website Builder software and not the website created by the Website Builder.


Web hosting is not a way to create a website. It’s a rented space, or digital real estate. You are putting the cart before it if you purchase hosting and then want to create your website using it. You need a website to host it. Although some hosting packages offer tools for building a website, it is not an essential feature.


Website builders allow users to create websites that they can host on their server. Website builders offer pre-coded, templatized sections of websites that you can put together to make your own website.’s website builder is easy to use with drag-and-drop functionality.


The main difference between web hosting and website building is that it is a piece on land.


A Website Builder Explained


A website builder is software that allows you to create a website. They are designed for beginners and experts alike. They can be used in conjunction with a hosting platform to make an all-inclusive package. There are two types:


An online website builder — the website builder is located on the same server hosting the website. It can be accessed from anywhere that there’s internet access. The user does not need to install any software. They can access their “build” at any time, provided they have an internet connection. These are more common than those of the next type.


A offline website builder – Typically geared towards technical users, an offline website maker is just what it sounds like: a platform that works offline. The user will need to download the software, save them locally, and then upload them to a server when they wish to launch the website.


You don’t have to use the website builder package if you want to keep your website online.


What should I expect (and want) from a website builder?


A website builder of quality will provide all the tools necessary to create, maintain, and grow a website. These are some of the most common things you can expect:


A variety of templates


Pre-coded website builders are a major draw. The user interface allows anyone with no coding knowledge to create their website. Templates are used to do this. Every website builder will have a set of pre-coded templates that are designed and color coordinated. These templates can be modified to suit a brand’s personality once they have been selected.




A website builder that is good will include an image editor, drag and drop functionality, and customizable templates. Website builders should be simple to use and flexible.


Mobile Formatting


It is no secret that mobile users are twice as likely to visit your site on their smartphone than they are on their desktop computer. Mobile formatting is essential for websites today. Don’t hire a website designer who doesn’t have the ability to format your site for mobile. A website that doesn’t load correctly on a mobile device is a sure way to lose customers.


User-Friendly Interface and Technical Support


Website builders are easy to use, so even those with limited computer skills can create websites. Every website builder should have a reliable and competent technical support team. A good provider will offer support to help you resolve any issues with your website.


Analytics Tools & SEO


Every website that succeeds uses SEO (search engine optimization). This could mean offering an integrated Google Analytics solution or keyword generation services for SEO. These tools allow users to see how well they are positioned on the internet. They can also identify what is wrong and where they can improve.


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