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Did You Know About The Car Care Cycle?

Have you ever thought about the secret of impeccable professional details? This is a loop. The car care cycle (Hot Car Care), provided by Meguiar’s Inc., a world-renowned surface care product brand, is divided into five steps that describe a clear and practical definition of each step. However, it applies not only to companies that provide detailed services, but must understand the cycle themselves to ensure that retailers always do their jobs correctly.

The details are expensive, the more professional services you need, the more expensive the price. Each stage of the cycle is designed to provide professional quality products with the best detail and detail. Each service will have different products that they trust, all of which apply to different parts of the cycle. Once you know what’s going on, you can make sure your retailer uses the products you need to complete the cycle and provide you with a value for money product.

Step 1: Washing

To clean the car, use hot water, a soft sponge and a specific cleaner to remove any surface debris and contaminants that the car touches every day. Dirt and contaminants can adhere to the paint surface and can cause scratches and discoloration due to oxidation of the car paint. To avoid this, clean the car regularly and be sure to ask the retailer if they are using microfiber cloth because they will not leave scale residue.

Step 2: Clean

There is no doubt that washing is definitely the first step: cleaning requires more conscious removal of contaminants. This process should be provided if the service you are using has professional details. In addition to cleaning the car, cleaning removes stubborn debris, stains and stains. A common procedure uses clay (with a retail spray) to adhere to the contaminants and carefully remove them. Cleaner deeper.

Step 3: Polishing

Polishing is the perfect name for this step in the process, shining! Many brands offer two types of brighteners. You need to know which one is best for your car so that you can fully enjoy the results. The first type of cockroach is then called a cleaner. This enamel repairs minor, small and tiny defects while providing a bright sheen and an extra smooth surface. This kind of 珐琅 is suitable for vehicles that are not perfect for used cars or car interiors. The second type of enamel is called pure polishing. Instead, it is used in cars with bright and vibrant finishes to create brilliant brilliance.

Step 4: Protection

In order to truly protect the finish of the paint and maintain the maximum resale value, you must actively protect the appearance of the car. This means that the use of sealants and waxes is a violation of contaminants and debris. You can never get rid of unpredictable sprinkler systems, bird and insect droppings, or of course the frustration of UV rays. However, with full and regular protection, you can maintain the value of the car and the beauty of the paint job.

Step 5: Maintenance

The ball will not be protected and will stop. After all, good defense is a good offense. Business professionals know it better than anyone else. When retail services provide tips to maintain good surfaces, the rapid removal of contaminants is always the number one priority. Clean, steam cleaners and soft microfiber cloth are the cheapest defenses before you have the chance to stick to your paint. Explore the brand or contact your local retail service for advice. When you find the one that suits you, always keep it in the car.

The best professional details include all stages of the car maintenance cycle process (Hot Car Care); omitting one means poor cleaning and is incompatible with the real care of your car’s surface. So, since you already know about it, make sure your car is working properly and professionally. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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