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Business Of Baseball And Money

When talking about baseball betting, there are a lot of different betting options, many different lines and odds; they are all over the place. Baseball betting can be quite confusing. This is why we are here, with this article you will be able to understand and even win at baseball betting. Before placing any bet on any kind of sport, you need to learn about all of the bets that can be wagered on that sport. This article goes from money line bets, to prop bets, to futures bets, and a lot more.


Money Lines: like in many other JBO sports, this bet is one of the most common bets in baseball. Money line bet basically means you need to pick the winner of a certain game. One thing to have in mind if you want to wager your money on this bet is that the odds of the money line bets move quite a bit, which usually depends on how much one of the teams is favored. However, the good thing about these bets is that all that you have to wait for is for one of the teams to win the game, but the bad thing might be that sometimes you would get pretty tough odds on the more favored team. This would be an example for the money line bet:


Los Angeles Dodgers -310 VS. San Francisco Giants +220


This would mean that the Dodgers are heavily favored compared to the Giants, at least in this example. If the teams were matched evenly, then it would be just a pick.


First 5 Inning’s Bet: the bettors will be given an option to wager their money on a money line bet for a 5-inning bet. In this bet, you are supposed to choose which of the teams do you think will have the leading odds at the very end of the 5th-inning. So, looking at the example above, you might want to bet on the Dodgers to win the 5-inning at -200. The good thing about the 5-inning bet is that you do not have to worry for the team’s relievers or bullpen, unless if one of the rookies struggles early in the game and thus gets pulled out of the game before the fifth inning.


There will also be an option for betting given to you on the total of the bet for the 1st 5-innings, which means that there will be a line set that is based on just how many runs will be predicted, that the teams will be able to score throughout the 5-innings. If for example, throughout the whole game these are lines set at 7,5 or 8, then it would most likely be in-between 3,5 and 4,5. This is considered to be a good bet, especially if you believe that their beginning pitchers might struggle, but that the team will have strong relievers. The odd on the 1st 5 Inning’s Bet may vary on how you can bet your money.


Total Bet: even if this bet might sound a bit complicated, this is one of the simplest bets. All you have to do to wager your money is to choose if the two teams together will have more or less (the total score), than the number that is chosen. They really are not hard bets, however, their odds might vary a little depending on which of the sides will be bet more. The pitching matchup is the main factor that will go into the total bet, as well as how good was the team’s hitting lately (the ball).


2nd Half Betting: this is a very rare type of a bet, and it is offered only in few places. With this bet, you have to wager your money on what is going to be the total number of runs, which will be scored in he 2nd half of one particular baseball game. So, for example, if you have the game’s total listed to be at 7,5 then the 2nd half baseball bet will be listed at 3,5 or even 4, and it will have varying odds depending on which side is more favored. The point of the 2nd half bet is that you will basically wager your money on a team’s closers and reliever’s, together with the other teams ability of hitting in late game.


Run Lines: these are also the bets where you have to pick the winner of the game, but this bet will put a line on an actual game. Usually, the line will be set at +1,5 and -1,5 for both teams. Here, the odds will often depend on the team that is favored more, just like with the money line bets. So for an example, if the team is -310, in this particular situation, they might be somewhere about -180 with a 1,5 run line. With this run line bet, the teams will have to win by more than just 1 run in order to win the whole bet.


Alternate Lines: these bets are also offered very rarely in baseball betting. They can be offered in two different ways, and they have modified lines. While betting online, some sites can just flip this bet on a normal bet, which would mean that the team who was favored with a -1.5 runs, would now be +1,5 runs. With this, the favored team would become the underdog, which essentially means that the odds for this game (this example), would change a lot. This is a good wager for you if you believe in the underdog’s ability to pull off the upset, and if that happens this bet is able to pay you out a lot on the initial underdog’s bet.


The other type of an alternate bet is (on some sites) when it is possible to put -2,5 run. The point behind this type of a bet is to take the highly favored team with high odds and make them the less favored team with good payoffs. You should only wager your money on this bet when you feel certain about the favored team. Since this would make the less favored team +2,5, if you believe the team will most likely lose (not by 3 runs), this would be the perfect betting option for you.


Baseball Parlays: with this bet you are basically choosing multiple games together with their odds while at the same time making a one big bet. Why bettors usually choose this bet is mainly because if you win you will get a very high payout, however, the downside to this bet is that you will lose if any of the bets you have placed loses. Two team parlay is considered the smallest parlay bet that you can wager your money on, and the biggest parlay usually varies from games to games or sites to sites. Most of the sites would actually only allow 7 bets for the minimum amount and 12 for the maximum. Basically, any size of a parlay will always give you a good payout. Here is a list of parlay’s odds (going all the way up to twelve):


2-team bet: 13 / 5


3-team bet: 6 / 1


4-team bet: 10 / 1


5-team bet: 20 / 1


6-team bet: 40 / 1


7-team bet: 75 / 1


8-team bet: 150 / 1


9-team bet: 250 / 1


10-team bet: 400 / 1


11-team bet: 500 / 1


12-team bet: 600 / 1


As you are able to see from the list above, any of the parlay bets will always pay out good. Even when you hit a 4-tem parlay bet, it will pay out a nice amount that is equal to ten times your initial bet. However, this might not be the best bet – to – bet on. On one hand, it may pay out a very huge amount if you win it, but on the other hand, the odds of winning this bet are quite low. Since if you lose any of the given bets, you automatically lose the whole bet, as well.


Round Robin: these bets are a simple way for you to do more parlay bets at the same time. You will have to pick out between three to eight teams to be able to place this bet. When you picked out the teams, you will have to place between two and six parlays. This will offer a lot of different types of parlays, which will depend on several ways that you can decide to bet on. Basically, if you do an eight-team round robin bet, two ways, then this means you will have twenty-eight bets, in this example. Below is a chart that will simplify the variety of bets for every pick and way you can place this bet:


Picks/Ways/Number of Bets


8 picks/2 ways/28 bets


8 picks/3 ways/56 bets


8 picks/4 ways/70 bets


8 picks/5 ways/56 bets


8 picks/6 ways/28 bets


7 picks/2 ways/21 bets


7 picks/3 ways/35 bets


7 picks/4 ways/35 bets


7 picks/5 ways/21 bets


7 picks/6 ways/7 bets


6 picks/2 ways/15 bets


6 picks/3 ways/20 bets


6 picks/4 ways/15 bets


6 picks/5 ways/6 bets


5 picks/2 ways/10 bets


5 picks/3 ways/10 bets


5 picks/4 ways/5 bets


4 picks/2 ways/6 bets


4 picks/3 ways/4 bets


3 picks/2 ways/3 bets


IF Bets: this bet is perfect for bettors who like to manage their money. Similarly to a parlay bet, the IF bet will also put together more than just one sports bet. However, the difference between these two bets, an IF bet and a parlay bet, is that just because the bets lost does not mean you will lose your whole bet. Each one of these bets is looked at as an individual bet. For example, if you decide to bet 2 different bets, and your 1st bet happens to win that means that your 2nd bet will automatically get placed after that. In addition, if your 1st bet happens to lose then your 2nd bet will not be placed. When placing an IF bet, the two (or more) games do not necessarily have to start at the same time, they can all start at different times since it is all about placing your bets or your favorite bet first, so that if that one wins it will move onto the next one.


The IF bet is able to have up to 6 teams, and if any of those bets, teams, loses, this bet gets canceled automatically. Nevertheless, there are 2 types of these bets: single action IF bet, and double action IF bet. The single action is simply a normal IF bet, where your next bet will be put only if you win the first one, and same as before if it loses then your other bets are canceled. The double action bet is when the next bet is placed with a push, a win or if for any reason the first action if bet is canceled.


baseball vs. LBSU


Prop Bets: these bets were not as popular before as they have become today. They can be placed on a lot of different things. Bettors usually like to place these bets on: who will be the one who scores the first run (in a particular game), which one of the teams will score the first inning, the amount of home runs that will be hit in the game, O/U on the amount of hits each player or each team will have, O/U on the amount of errors for a certain team…etc. There is a variety of different prop bets that can be placed on each game, and most of those prop bets will have odds that will vary depending on the bet. For example, a bet of “who will be the one who scores first” surely favors one team over the other. As for the bets like O/U on a number of hits for a certain player, the odds are going to vary depending on which of the sides (teams) is being bet more, however, it does typically start with even money.


An interesting fact is that some casinos or sports books make their profit by taking money from each bet that is placed. This is usually called Vigorish or Vig for short. This is basically the difference between what you wagered and what you have won. In baseball, the sports books make a profit only if the favored team loses. Another thing you should know is that pitching matters. In a baseball game, the pitchers are always the key. The money line bets will always be made depending on the beginning pitchers of a certain game. If there is a pitching change and an unscheduled pitcher starts, bettors are allowed to change or adjust their money line bets. You are able to bet on a baseball game many ways, which depends on the pitching. For example:


Red Sox +120 VS. Yankees -140


With the teams above, imagine if the money line bet was being based on the Randy Johnson who was pitching for the Yankees and the pitcher for the Red Sox was Tim Wakefield. Here you can bet as “action”, which will basically mean that your bet will be a live bet no matter what happens (if by any chance the pitchers get changed or not during the game). If there is a change of pitchers, the odds of the bet together with the payouts can vary quite a bit.


You are also able to bet on the game depending on the starting pitchers from both teams, that are usually listed before the game starts. If by any chance, one of the pitchers, either Wakefield or Johnson is not the one who pitches first, your bet will be ignored and you will get a refund.


Another way you can bet is to bet on a baseball game, depending on a pitcher for just one of the teams. For example, if you wanted to place a bet on the Yankees with their pitcher being Johnson, and you do not care who the other team’s pitcher is going to be, then your bet is considered active as long as Johnson is the one starting the game for Yankees.


People usually compare baseball betting and football betting, because the bets sound similar. However, these two sports are quite different, especially when it comes to betting options. A run (or two) will usually decide many of the baseball games, so it is not very practical to have a spread like they do in football. Nevertheless, all of the sports have similar rules when it comes to placing a bet, and those rules are:


– You should always set a limit to the amount of money you are willing to spend on betting. Never cross that limit.


– Do not be greedy, never chase your losses, and never use the money you won on other bets.


– If you win a bigger amount, just walk away. You would probably get very annoyed if you spend all of the money you won from one bet, on more bets (that lost).


– The parlay bet is never a good bet to wager your money on (on a long run), since the odds of you hitting all of the teams right, is quite unlikely. This is a good “once in a month” bet.


-If you go on a losing streak, stop betting for a while. The odds will not automatically change in your favor, just because you lost a lot of bets. You should probably make a short break, before placing another bet.


– If the game is suspended, then their current total will be calculated for your bet. If their total does not make you win the bet, do not blame the judges, it is never their fault, and anger is never an option.


Overall, baseball is a very entertaining and fun sport to watch and to bet on. There are a lot of betting options and strategies you need to learn before placing any of the bets. The wagers might sound complicated at first, but once you get the hang of them they will all make more sense. Be sure you know the pitcher of each team, since they will be the key to winning the game. Always bet for fun. Even when you are losing, you should just look at betting like a game with limits. Those limits would be the amount of money you are able to spend on betting, at least in this case.

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