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How to Play Pocket Casino Extra Rockets: Beginning Strategies



While pocket A’s are the strongest beginning hand in Texas Hold ‘Em, it is also one of the hardest hands to play because the potential for getting burned badly.  Yet if you act too rashly, you may get very little out of the hand, wasting a rare opportunity to gain a big leg up on your opponents.  So how do you maximize the value of pocket A’s without getting burned badly for a large portion (if not all) of your chips.  There are a few Casino Extra various strategies to play pocket aces, and we will go through them one by one.


Pre-flop All In

This is a gutsy move that makes a lot of sense, but can also back fire.  To receive maximum value, you have to know what types of players are at the table with you.  Are they loose and like to play a lot of hands?  Are there “calling stations” who Casino Extra always believe you’re bluffing no matter what?  Are there major bluffers, or a bunch of very conservative players?  To make an all in free flop pay off, you usually need a late position after a lot of loose players and bluffers made decent sized bets, or you need a table of calling stations and bad players.  If you’re playing at a solid table, most likely you will end up only stealing the blinds.



Then why play this way?  Because if you get called and your hand holds out, you will double up or even better, and completely maximize your Casino Extra profits.  The other reason to play this is to actually reduce bad beats.  How often have you slow played aces to get the most out of them, only to see something ridiculous pop up, like runner runner flush cards on the turn and river, or a second jack to give someone trips, or a broken straight?  Also, what if that pair of twos that would have folded to a big bet hits trips?  If you go all in early, these hands will most likely fold, meaning you’ll avoid more of the big losses pocket aces can lead to when you get in a bad situation.


Raise respectably pre-flop

This is often a more popular method than the pre-flop all in, and can also be a better play.  In theory, a respectable bet will scare off less players than an all in, allowing more calls, and therefore a bigger pot that can be yours for the taken.  At the same time, most chasers will be scared off, leaving you to face the types of hands you want to face—especially if they are holding A-K or A-Q, which means you have them all but buried.


The other plus Casino Extra side is that if something extremely scary hits on the flop, you can read your opponent and possibly fold, avoiding that freak all in call where a player gets lucky and beats you.  Judge your table before making this bet.  If you have ace of spades and ace of diamonds and the flop is Q hearts, J hearts, T hearts, one person raises, another goes all in and another calls—then you should leave.


Using these two methods will help you maximize your profits and minimize your losses at the poker table.


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