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Roulette history and Togel house edge



Meeting people who offer to teach you immaculate roulette strategy is not a rare thing. That would cost you pretty much though. The question is: why would one need to pay a lot when Roulette is one of the most unexpected games. Your chances to win basically depend on chance and probability. The history of Roulette is very rich and exciting. The name Roulette comes from French with the meaning ‘small wheel’. It’s believed that the first Roulette wheels appeared in the 17th century. Blaise Pascal is known to be an inventor of the game. The first casino was opened in Monte Carlo by Blanc brother who are said to have died for the secret of Roulette.


People have always been interested in studying the game. They never stopped searching the answer to the question: How to beat Roulette? The answer is supposed to be in mathematics and the laws of probability. You should always remember that there’s an edge (a mathematical advantage) in Roulette that is directed against every single player of a casino. In order to win you have to minimize the edge by choosing a proper wheel. There are 2 well know wheels – European and American. The American Roulette has an extra number – 0, which restricts your chances to win. The house edge in American Roulette is estimated as 5.6%, while in European – 2.7%.


Exciting addition to the playing list of Casino Tropez


Casino Tropez has released two brand new slots Togel games: Wild Spirit and Silent Samurai. The first game Wild Spirit is a 5-reel slots game with maximum betting possibility on 20 lines, and the second one Silent Samurai is also a 5-reel video slots game, but only it has 9 betting lines.

Wild Spirit is a game that is rooted in the Native American theme. The bonus round in this game is quite interesting, because it takes a player for a visit to Shaman. On the audience with Shaman a player gets to know his fortune through mystical symbols and signs, which deliver a prize.

In Silent Samurai there are Scatter symbols and Bonus round. In the Bonus round a player gets to throw different weapons to free himself from 20 professional ninja warriors. In addition, there is also a “gamble” option available, which gives a player a chance to predict the color of next card (red or black) and to place a double bet or nothing on it.



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