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Rush Poker Review – The Pros and Cons of Rush Poker



With the recent launch of Rush Poker on Full Tilt Poker, players are discovering that they can play hundreds of more hands per hour than in the traditional cash games. Even though, this is a big difference between Rush poker and standard games, there are also other differences that distinguish it from other the regular game.


Some players love the new game and are proudly boasting out loud that it is the future of poker. Others do not appreciate it as much because they say it reduces the real poker strategies. Choosing to play Rush Poker or not is now becoming a major issue for poker players online.


Pros of Rush Poker on Full Tilt Poker


One of the biggest advantages of playing Rush Poker on Full Tilt Poker is the characteristic “Quick Fold”. In short, you have the right to throw your hand away at any time during the hand. Even if it is not your turn to speak, you can click on the Quick Fold and go to the next hand. Of course, several players on Full Tilt were already making the decision to fold or to check before their turn.


However, with Rush Poker, you do not need to wait until the hand was ended to start a new one. When you click on Quick Fold, you’re sent to another table on the spot where a new hand begins. This new feature significantly reduces the time spent waiting between two hands or even during the actual hand.


Another advantage is that the small blinds and seat positions are assigned randomly. Moreover, the big blind is the player who has not paid a blind for the longest period of time. Consequently, the tight aggressive players will discover that their strategy is much more efficient since they do not pay the blinds as often. This is indeed favourable for players who play  tight, and gives a tight aggressive strategy better chance of success.


Cons of Rush Poker on Full Tilt Poker togel hongkong


A major disadvantage that several players mentioned concerning the new game is that its speed strips the game from the classic poker strategy that made the game what it is. For some, it kills the strategy so often used by poker professionals. Other players feel that it is not the case. In fact, you still have the same amount of time to take a decision in each hand and all strategies are still applicable.


Of course, it can also be hard on the bankroll of players who do not pay attention. With the large number of hands a player can play per hour, especially if he takes advantage of the ability to play on multiple tables, his money can disappear very quickly. Still, if a player pays attention to his bankroll, playing within the limits he can and should play at, it will not be a bigger problem than with other type of poker games.







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