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The Devil Violin Paganini- A Great Player

The Italian violin virtuoso Niccolo Paganini enchanted the whole of Europe in the 19th century. To date, he is considered the greatest violin talent of all time. However, his life was just as extreme as his violin playing – he had such a bad reputation that the church refused him a dignified burial and embalmed his body over 35 years and preserved in various cellars Parma had to wait for a church burial. This was due to the fact that all his life dressed in black he made an unreal appearance on the stages of Europe.

His way of playing put his audience in a trance and he himself seemed to be no less floating in other spheres with his impulsive, hysterical body movements. He invented handles that no one had played before him and wrote numerous new violin concertos. At times he was considered a murderer, vampire and was suspected to have sold his soul to the devil. This is probably not the truth. His countless stories about women and his great love of gambling are all the more real. He stayed in Baden-Baden for example, where he not only broke women’s hearts.

Later, he also wanted to profit from gambling on business and opened in 1836 his exclusive casino เว็บแทงบอล “Casino Paganini” in Paris, which offered in addition to roulette and card game and concert performances. However, this investment was a financial disaster for the exceptional artist. He thereby lost large portions of his fortune and withdrew a short time later from business with Luck. At that time his health was already badly damaged and only a few years later he died in Nice in 1840. His concerts, however, he had paid so well that despite his costly lifestyle, a considerable fortune remained. His son relinquished a large portion of it to the church to enable the devil’s violin to salvation in a blessed grave.

The biggest gangster in history was a bad luck bird

Chicago in the twenties, alcohol smuggling is booming, and the bars are all the same gambling dens, with lots of light girls frolicking. This scenario became the basis of legends about the most famous gangster in history: Al Capone, a mob boss who earns his money through smuggling, prostitution and gambling. So it’s no surprise that Capone himself was a gambler. His biography is so cinematic that many films about his life already existed during his lifetime. The godfather of all sponsors, the epitome of organized crime.

Al Capone’s career started early. Even as a teenager, he went to criminals “apprenticeship”. He is said to have committed his first murder for gambling. A man, who is said to have played with counterfeit money, shot Capone unceremoniously when it was not clear.

The golden times of his career he experienced in the wild twenties. He was registered as a good furniture retailer. And he was probably dealing with everything except furniture. The police could never prove him enough to put him behind bars in the long term. “Scarface”, scar face, he was called. He claimed to have gotten his scars in the war. What he kept secret was that it was not the First World War, but the gang wars of Chicago. Despite this hard shell, he was considered an exquisite gentleman who loved opera and good food. He exerted a fascinating effect on women. And although he has often been unfaithful to his own wife Mae, she has kept him until his death.

For years he was the uncrowned king of his city. Only in one thing he had no luck: when he played himself. Already since 1830, Chicago was known as a stronghold of gambling and also Al Capone not only organized gambling, but he also liked to try his luck. Fortuna did not reward the mafia boss. In just seven years he should have lost over seven million dollars. This money he got back in by extortion and money laundering. Later luck left him completely. He was convicted of tax evasion in 1931 and was sent to prison for eleven years, including sitting on the famous prison island of Alcatraz.

Incidentally, he died as a result of his unfaithfulness. In a prostitute, he is said to have brought syphilis, which had its physical decline.

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