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The High Stakes Rail – 6/13/10-6/19/10

With the World Series of Poker in full swing, the online high stakes action is certainly beginning to settle down. However, this does not mean that it is totally non-existent. Everybody’s favorite high stakes player, Isildur1, is back. Ziigmund and he were playing at Full Tilt crypto gambling pot-limit Omaha $200/$400 tables. The pots were smaller than usual with the biggest pot totaling a bit less than $150,000. Nevertheless, the high stakes action was fast, furious, and worth taking a look at.

In the biggest hand of the week, Isildur1 raised to $1,200 on the button with KcJd9c8d. With 4c3s2s2c and effective stacks at approximately $75,000, Ziigmund called out of position. The flop was Kh5h2d, giving Isildur1 top-pair and Ziigmund a set of twos. Ziigmund check-raised Isildur1’s $2,400 bet to $9,600 and Ziigmund called. The turn, a 9d, improved Isildur1’s hand, giving him a flush draw along with top two-pair. The turn induced both stacks into the pot and Isildur1 saw he was behind. Luckily for him, the Ad gave him the flush and the $147,588 pot.

Ziigmund and Isildur1 continued to battle it out in the second largest hand last week. Isildur1, on the button again, raised to $1,200 with Kc8h7s5c and Ziigmund called, out of position, with Kh6c3h2c. The Kd5h4c was sure to get a lot of action with Isildur1 hitting two-pair, but Ziigmund hit a huge straight draw along with his pair of kings. Ziigmund donked the flop with a pot-size bet that Isildur1 raised. In response, Ziigmund three-bet the flop to $31,200 and Isildur1 called. The Ah on the turn completed Ziigmund’s straight and gave him a flush draw. Stacks quickly went into the pot. This time, however, Isidlur1 received no help on the river; it was a 6h which gave him a straight, but also blessed Ziigmund with a flush draw. The $140,393 pot was Ziigmund’s.

Ziigmund continued to thrash Isildur1 in this next hand. Isildur1, once again on the button, raised to $1,200. This time, with only a $66,398 stack, Ziigmund three-bet to $3,600 with AsKsJc9c. Isildur1 called and saw the KhTs2s. This flop was huge for Ziigmund giving him top-pair, top-kicker and the nut flush draw. He lead the flop with a $6,400 bet that was called. The turn was a 3d and Ziigmund bet the pot, $20,000. Isildur1 once again called and saw the board pair with a 2h on the river. Ziigmund shoved the rest of his $36,798 stack into the $60,000 pot. Isildur1 called again, but when he saw Ziigmund’s hand, he mucked and gave Ziigmund the $133,595.50 pot.

However, in the last pot we will look at this week, Isildur1 won some of that money back. On the button, he raised to $1,200 with Jh9d8c4d, and effective stacks at $60,191. Ziigmund raised with his double-suited KsKc8s5c. Isildur1, using position to his advantage, called and saw the QsTs5h flop fall. This flop was great for both players; it gave Ziigmund a flush draw (along with his overpair of kings) and Isildur1 a big straight draw. Ziigmund lead this flop with a pot-sized bet of $7,200 which was called by Isildur1. Ziigmund’s second barrel, a pot-sized bet of $21,600, was also called on the 2d brick of a turn. The 9c river, on the other hand, hit Isildur1 with a straight. Ziigmund shoved the rest of his stack in and Isildur1 made the $27,791 call. He showed his queen-high straight and won the $120,382.50 pot.

This last week was one of the calmer weeks in high stakes poker. Expect weeks similar to this as the World Series of Poker continues this summer.

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