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Thors Hammer.

Its name may mean “Crusher” or “The Lightning”. It is smithed by the dwarves Brok and Sindre, who also forged Freijs Golden Brush and Odin Draupner. According to Snorri’s Edda, its shaft became a little too short, but by the way it is the most important work the dwarves performed. When Thor threw it out, it always hits, and it always returns – like a boomerang – back into his hand.

With the Hammer of Thor, Thor is first and foremost a demonist. He is almost always out of killing kills or fighting the Midgard Serpent. With the Hammer of Thor he can also “vie”, ie. get their goats back alive after they have been eaten or blessing couples or shipwrecks. It is conceivable that Mjølner, in the past, has been a fertility symbol, linked to Thor’s function as lightning and thunderstorms. At the end of the pagan era, many strobes have carried jewelry in the form of thorsham around the neck; It is a parallel to the fact that Christians were crossed as a necklace, and perhaps it has also been a pagan manifestation against Christianity.

Several myths tell about the use of Mjølner. Particularly significant is its role in the myth of Thor and the “giant king” Trym, who, according to Trymskvida, stole the hammer from Thor. This is a chaotic situation, as the ashes have thereby lost their most important protection against giants and evil. Trym will only give it back if he can make Freja a wife – and it’s just as wrong. Thor dresses like Freja in full-length bridal equipment, and during the wedding he gets Mjølner in his lap and can now kill Trym and all his family. The Hammer of Thor is also used in the myths of Thor’s meeting with Hymer, Hrungnir and Geirrød.

Mjølner has many religious history parallels. For example, the Indra god Indra is equipped with a weapon, vajra , that is a thundercloud. With that he demolishes demons and produces crops by hitting the rocks so that the water “like roaring cows” can flow into the dry-dried landscape.

Thor, Tor , Thor , the strongest god among the Ashes, and especially known as the fighting fighter. He is the son of Odin and Earth, and he is married to Asynen Sif and father to the sons of Modi and Magni and the daughter of Trud. His home is the 540-room car skier in Trudhjem or Trudvang in Asgård. His attributes are Hammer of Thor, Strength Belt Megingjord and Iron Gloves. He is large, coarse and with a big red beard and an oxygenated temperament.

His name connects him with the thunder; The German word Thunara means “thunder”, and the Danish word “thunder” means “thors brag” or “thunderbreak”. He is a heaven god who drives his wagon over the sky, creating lightning and thunder – and rain and fertility. The trolley is biased with the two teeth- cutting doughs, Dental Grinder and Dental Nail .

He has got his Hammer of Thor by the two handy dwarves Sindri and Brok. It is partly a lightning symbol, a “tordenkile” and partly a weapon that returns to him as a boomerang when he at God has at one time bumped a joked brain shell with it. In addition, it is a sacred instrument that can devote (ie holy) devotion and life-giving, for example, in the myth of Thor’s journey to Udgårdsloke, where he by waving his dead bows with Mjølner makes them alive again, or by Balder’s abusive behavior, where He celebrates the fire with the hammer. In the myth of Trym, the hammer is placed in the bride of the bride, a sign of its function as a foolish fertility symbol. The gravestone, which Thor in the myth of his battle with the Hrungnir fighter enters the head “forever,” can be a lightning-symbol (to fire with flint and steel).

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