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Amazon Affiliate Websites Guide

Amazon is very famous for selling culture products (books, CDs, DVDs, music, games …), but also for its seriousness and excellent after-sales service. What many webmasters still ignore today is that Amazon Partners offers a simple, convenient and unaffected affiliate system.

The principle is very simple: once registered, one can start selling all the products available on Amazon. For many, it may seem like a simple process to sell hundreds of products every month, but it requires a logical strategy and not placing affiliate links anywhere and in any way.

Amazon Affiliate Websites- Which products to sell?

As I said a little earlier, Amazon is specialized in the sale of cultural goods, but not only, to know everything is simple you just go to is to consult their different categories.

Amazon Affiliate Websites- What types of advertising?

You will be able to use different types of advertisements on your sites, according to your needs: Text links Advertising banners Visual product links: this is an insert for a product with its name, its price and an illustrative image Widgets: this allows to display a carousel of products, your Amazon favorites, a research module .

What are the advantages of opting for the Amazon Affiliate Program?

Amazon is a safe bet, it is still No. 1 e-commerce We do not go through an intermediary, we deal directly with the merchant The payout is low and payments are made quickly and in time ( which is unfortunately not the case for most affiliate platforms) Amazon sells a wide range of products at attractive rates Promotion campaigns are regularly launched Its customer service is top.  Amazon Affiliate Websites- Regular promotions to boost your sales to sell more, sell stocks and retain customers, Amazon regularly offers promotions (like most major e-commerce sites for that matter), it is an opportunity for us site publishers to enjoy by putting forward its offers.

For affiliates, Amazon Partners has just set up a page to summarize all current promotions. There are discounts on fashion products, wellness, for the home, computer, recreation, sports, books … In short there is choice and there is necessarily a theme that you work on . What is also important to remember about the affiliation is that it is not so easy to get a lot of income because it is selling and a click will not be enough to draw some cents / euros as on Adsense. It will often be very targeted to succeed in selling: placing an Amazon banner in your sidebar will not really help you … For those who might be interested, Check: amazon affiliate websites for sale.

Create an affiliate shop

If you want to create a nice 100% personalized shop that highlights affiliate products from Amazon? Well, it’s quite possible thanks to WooCommerce and one of those two premium plugins: Amazon eStore Affiliates ($ 49) or WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates ($ 42). I tested it and I confirm that it works nickel! Everything is easy and the result can be really nice. To conclude this article in style, here are 4 free plugins that you can use to facilitate the integration of affiliate links on your niche site and save time:

  • Amazon Link
  • Amazon Auto Links
  • Amazon Affiliate Tag (Amazify)
  • Amazon Associates Link Builder (official plugin)
  • AAWP: The Best Amazon Affiliate Plugin

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